It was a busy weekend, here are some highlights:

We are slowly itching to the dog days of summer, the time where vacations are rampant and NFL training camps open. For this weekend though there was a lot of activity in the Bismarck Mandan:

  • German days was a nice little party in Downtown Bismarck. From the "Tapping, the Keg" ceremony on Thursday to the "Stein hoisting" competition on Friday, being German in Bismarck was a celebration. The food was great and the beer was flowing... did I say the food was great? Love those German Hamburgers Kimmys!
  • ND Country Fest: Talk about a reason to go listen to music and camp out under a cow in New Salem! The three-day festival continues to grow and we look forward to the talent announcement next year. Man, there were so many campers out!
  • There were so many pontoons on the river, probably more than I've ever seen, and with good reason, it was friggin hot!
  • Micro Wrestling Federation at Rock Point was a wild party! Nothing like seeing little people hit each other with chairs.

The summer rolls on with the State Fair in Minot Kicking off next weekend, more adventures to come!

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