So regardless of the weather, Easter is here this weekend  and there are going to be numerous chocolate bunnies, candies eggs and such . Curious to see whats Bismarck-Mandan's favorite. 

The American custom of Easter is to make as much money as possible, so somewhere along the line Easter bunnies and candy were created to celebrate Christ's Resurrection.

I always loved the Big hollow Chocolate Bunnies though and the fact I can finally eat what i gave up for lent. Then again,  now that I think about it the Malt Easter eggs were pretty awesome, but for some reason those peeps (marsh mellow chickies) always were around but nobody would eat them.

I always thought those peeps were for 5 year old's because they were like pure sugar. Poor kids would eat like four of them and run non stop for six hours till they just crash out hard. Then again you might be a peeps guy /girl and really love eating pure sugar and crashing out later but that's not my cup of tea.  So... curious on which of the Easter candy is the most favorite in this town:

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