Have you ever lost something and searched for what seemed like an eternity, and then surrendered? You are 100% certain that it's gone forever. Maybe it's a pet that got loose, an old flame (an affair of the heart) - material items that disappeared somehow, somewhere. Here is a story that sums up everything that is so sacred and special in life - when you propose, man or woman, a ring is produced and a moment is captured to hold on to for life. For Derrick Fehr of Bismarck, a miracle found him and brought back that irreplaceable missing piece.

According to the Bismarck Tribune Fehr and a fellow teacher, Jeremy Brandt in Devils Lake after college had stopped for drinks in Reynolds (about 25 miles south of Grand Forks) one night in spring 2003, and it wasn’t until the following day that Fehr noticed he had misplaced his wedding ring. The frantic search began, looking everywhere, probably a thousand times. It's never easy to give up hope, especially when there is major sentimental value to it. Fehr eventually moved on, replaced the ring, and completely forgot about it.

January 1st is when the magic began, the Hillsboro Banner put out a story on that day talking about the reopening of the Beehive Bar and Grill - the same place Fehr and Brandt were at years ago. There was some big-time renovating going on at the restaurant, rugs were torn out, booths replaced, that's what a brand new facelift is all about. One of the owners happened to find a ring with the inscription “March 28, 1998.” The Banner added that key bit of information to their article and guess who read the story? Brandt recognized that date and messaged Fehr and asked him if by chance that was the day he got married.

A perfect reply back ‘It’s a Christmas miracle.’”.


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