This is one of these gut-wrenching stories that we hear about all the time - whether it's from people you know, who have kids, OR they themselves were picked on in their younger days. We HEAR about it, BUT most of the time we don't see the clear damage that bullying someone brings - anguish, tears, insecurity, pain, the list is long. This is a video that's tough to watch - if you have tortured someone with your words in the past, NOW you have evidence of what develops.

                 Verbal violence is more painful than physical harm

A Bismarck mother posted on Facebook last night a simple plea: Her daughter Kaprie is turning 13 in a couple of weeks, how cool would it be if BisMan reached out and sent her a simple birthday card? Some form of expression to help ease the pain that a bully has inflicted on her. Here is just a part of what her mother Alyssa wrote:

 My daughter is going through a hard time lately. She’s dealt with bully’s in school all year and now she’s being bullied by the friend that she was closest with out here.. It’s gotten so bad - She suffers with depression & anxiety the way it is

The video that is at the end of this article is as real as it gets. There are no physical scars on Kaprie, yet the emotional pain is obvious.

                           Here is how YOU can make a difference

Alyssa told me this afternoon that if you want to send Kaprie a birthday card, here is how! Alyssa says her daughter loves being around other kids - This is a perfect way to reach out and say "Happy Birthday"

ATTN: Kaprie Johnson
5038 Redcoat Drive
Bismarck, ND 58504

*** This is the video that Alyssa posted...To all you bullies out there, THIS is what you cause every time you choose to pick on someone.



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