Today's the day- vaccinations for everyone!

Are you gonna get it?

Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health Director Renae Moch announced in a statement on Friday...

It is exciting to move into this phase where anyone wanting a COVID-19 vaccine can schedule an appointment. This brings us one step closer to herd immunity.”

The Bismarck Tribune reports that Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health will join Mandan based Custer Health in opening it's vaccine clinics to the general public.

To find a location and make an appointment click here.

So now there are no further excuses to not get the vaccination.  Don't get me wrong, you can have all the reasons in the world to not get the vaccine, but the time has come to make up your mind. North Dakota is on it's fourth day of increasing COVID-19 cases, so the notion that the virus was packing it's bags and heading for extinction, were at the least premature.

I just read this from KFYR TV, so it's also something to consider if you're planning on international travel- Vaccine passports may become a real thing..

Vaccine passports will be most common on international flights. Some countries already require proof of vaccination for diseases such as yellow fever, and the United States now requires a negative test for COVID-19 to enter the country, so a digital health passport isn’t much of a leap.

It's your arm and your choice. There are frontline workers all across the country that have not opted for a COVID vaccination.  Many of these are highly trained medical personnel that are taking a pass.  So it's not wrong to have reservations.

But now it's official, starting today you can get the shot.  But will you?

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