I'm pretty certain one thing we have learned from in the last calendar year, that we can adapt to changes - by that I mean things like traditional events can be altered with some creativity. Let me give you an example, as the pandemic swept in, back in March of last year Major League Baseball broke their normal pattern of playing a 162 game season, it was condensed to just 60. Every sport was affected, and so was our ability to see our favorite team play in person. The bottom line is that we are trying to get life back to normal by altering events and scheduling them at unusual dates - Like a Halloween carnival in April!

According to KFYRTV Bismarck Parks and Recreation District has been bound and determined to bring back its annual Halloween carnival - Last year in October, the event was postponed because of COVID-19, now with vaccines becoming more available and active case counts low, parks and rec want to give kiddos their chance to dress up and have a little fun.  So maybe the weather won't feel like that spooky time of year, but who cares? The goal is to just have everyone together again, the young and the old - Masks are required for employees and encouraged for guests (no doubt most of them will be wearing scary, ghoulish outfits anyway). The carnival is set for April 16th at the World War Memorial Building from 6 - 8 pm. Admission $1 per child - Adults free. This event is geared towards children from pre-school through grade five.

Hope you can make it, and experience all the bone-chilling costumes that will be out and about - even if it's 85 degrees out!



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