Tomorrow, November 12th is a huge day for myself, and countless others in Bismarck and Mandan. There is a clock counting down to midnight on web sites all around the country. The arrival of the much anticipated, talked about, DREAMT about, Playstation 5 is here! For all that say "Big deal", you have no idea just how explosive this is - for gamers all around the world. I made some phone calls, a ton of them, around town this afternoon, thirsting for any kind of hidden info I could get on getting my hands-on the state of the art console. Good luck getting one, in the near future, UNLESS you pre-ordered one. Even then there are not too many lucky people around who will be gawking at the Sony marvel - I was told by too many folks that there are limited machines going around on its release date.

Talking to DJ from Rock 30 Games ( one of my favorite stores on this planet ) here in Bismarck, The only way you could get a PS5 is online - is if you pre-ordered them. ONLY then you are put on a limited list. Target, Walmart, Best Buy were possible ways you could TRY, but your odds were about as good as being a contestant on "Dancing With The Idiots". Here is pretty much the bottom line, about 99.999 % of all gamers here in Bismarck/Mandan ( including myself ) will have to wait a bit longer until we can have our very own PS5.

One last thing though, I failed to mention, the brand new beautiful console will run you around $499 bucks. I asked DJ a quick question - "Are you finding most people reluctant to fork out that kinda dough?" - he quickly replied, "Absolutely not". I can relate to his answer big time. I want one of these NOW!!!

One last, LAST personal comment to all gamers, NO I don't have a Gamertag, and I'll tell you one reason why I don't - I refuse to play online against others and have some 7-year old kid from Alaska talking smack as he's kicking my rear end. I would rather play with myself ( That doesn't sound weird at all ).


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