It is with sadness to write about another local business making plans to close its doors for good

When you are across the street, walking towards The Shop over on 122 E Rosser Ave, you can't help but see all the life glistening in the sun, through their windows.

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Nothing like a breath of "Nature" when you walk into the store. The Stroh's House Of Plants charmed so many people at weddings and other special occasions. Petals and More began at the same location back in 2000 - but they closed due to health reasons after almost 20 years. According to "On January 1, 2022, “The Strohs House of Plants”, officially (re)opened its doors, with the same owners, under new management, but with a greater emphasis on unique plants and flower arrangements and with a renewed commitment to the primary goal of Petals and More, “to provide a premium product and superior customer service at an affordable price”.

Sadly a Facebook post earlier this morning brings us bad news

StrohShop Facebook page posted this announcement this morning:

"It is with a heavy heart that I announce the closing of The Shop as of March 1st. I need to be elsewhere, and can't be in 2 places at the same time. I'll miss the life and the joy 'living in dirt' gave me, and I hope to return to it someday. I'll miss my fellow plant lovers too!! Keep growing! I would still love to create floral arrangements for your special events...please contact me at 701-426-4682 for that. Thank you for making The Strohs House of Plants a beautiful place to be!! Bye for now. 💚


Love hurts - it surely does. I have a feeling the sun will always shine down on 122 E Rosser Ave.


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