This is an article about a woman who inspires others through her talents and personality

Imagine this, you are super nervous, yet confident. You walk out on stage solo, and for the very first time, you perform for an audience. This is one of those things that most of us can't relate to. It takes guts to put yourself out there, for people to form their own opinions, to judge. Natalie Ann kicked off her musical career back in 2017 at the Red Lodge in Montana. Currently, she is with a band by the name of Frantic Anarchy

A four-member band, Frantic Anarchy travels to Minot or Williston to deliver their sound. Their home base is here in Bismarck, and we are lucky to have them

From her early days on the stage, Natalie has progressed to the point where she can play the piano and sing at small venues, and as a duo act, she and Randy ( from Frantic Anarchy ) play acoustically at weddings and other gatherings. She is a talented lady with experience, her inspirations ranged from some 90s pop-punk to some 80s classic rock. I had a chance to sit down with Natalie for about 20 minutes, I wanted to know what it's like to follow your passion.

"Putting myself out there, the feeling of expressing myself"

Natalie now has a little more time to market her band professionally. She can pursue offers for Frantic Anarchy or herself alone. Fairy tales of people becoming an "Instant Star" just doesn't happen. It takes years of exposure and hard work. Natalie has earned the recognition of being able to book for more shows. I asked her what drives her, why she does this? "I love the feeling of openly expressing myself, putting myself out there". Natalie Ann has built a following, a fan base of regulars who have watched her and Frantic Anarchy for a while now.

What happens when the adrenaline peaks?

This was something she brought up, the feelings of extreme highs to a drop point when there is an off-day to her schedule. How to combat any depression? Easy, she picks up her guitar and plays, softly, remembering every second of how she got started and where she's at now. Natalie is now working on a project with Red Dot Recording studio here in Bismarck. Her goal is to take come covers and get them on Spotify.

Natalie Ann is all of that and more

She is pretty, charming, fun, approachable and most of all, she is modest. All of those qualities I mentioned are almost impossible to find, but that's who Natalie Ann is.



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