There are two professions I always dreamed of chasing, one was playing baseball. The only problem was, I HAD, and showed ZERO skills - My second dream was being in a rock and roll band. Several glaring problems came up ( too scared to sing in front of anyone for one, and two, I tried to learn how to play the flute in junior high but wound up getting beat up instead for carrying it around the hallways ). So I became a disc jockey, and that was easy, I already had the face for it. When I came across Natalie Ann at Bike Night ( Sickies Garage ) this past summer, I watched an energetic, glowing talent take my handheld mic and belt out 'What's Up' ( a 4 Non Blondes tune ) - I loved her passion and was anxious to have her come into the studio and talk about her career and Frantic Anarchy. If you have lived in the Bismarck/Mandan area, you are already familiar with this band. Natalie Ann is the rock star I had dreamed about being, way back when I was clinging onto the chick-magnet instrument ( flute ). She is the lead singer and plays guitar, and Frantic Anarchy is celebrating its 2-year anniversary this New Year's Eve.

Stardom has come and gone to many faceless, no-personality musical clones, but this young lady has all the tools, on stage and off - she wears many hats with the band, she does their marketing, promoting, and booking - all of which is hard work - BUT it's a labor of love for her. This Friday and Saturday you can check out the 4-member band at the Silver Dollar Bar 200 E Main St, Mandan from 6-10 pm...NO COVER CHARGE. Frantic Anarchy offers up pop-rock and classic rock. Natalie Ann offers up positive energy, non-stop smiles, and good old fashioned entertainment. I asked her a simple question - "Where do you see yourself in five years?". Her reply took a second, but she came back with an answer that I can 100% see happening "Still performing, and it would be a blast touring regionally"

The old cliche "Catch A Rising Star" couldn't be more accurate involving my friend Natalie Ann - and you can CATCH her this Friday and Saturday at the Silver Dollar Bar in Mandan - 6 -10 pm.


The Greatest Rock Bands Ever.



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