A new season of lousy cooks and kitchen disasters are set for this Sunday - Yes on Father's Day! The show is called WORST COOKS IN AMERICA and you can find it on the Food Network. The whole object of this program is to watch a gathering of recruits competing for a $25,000 cash prize ( That will buy you a sea of cookbooks ). There is an expert chef - Alex Guarnaschelli along with Anne Burrell who are captains so-to-speak of two teams of terrible all-thumbs culinary mishaps. Alex and Anne take their prospective team members through crazy challenges designed to somehow teach the blundering kitchen clowns some skills. This is your typical reality show aimed at real live contestants, one of which is from Bismarck - Evan Baker. This gentleman works at the University of Mary, and I know what you are thinking, is this Evan's idea for being on the show? Of course not, he has his wife to thank for that. Her motive was solidified in her head after a horrendous meal cooked by him.

The 14 sloppy competitors are featured through seven episodes. Evan says the pressure was enormous, and his nerves were on high alert during the filming. He is anxious to watch the first episode this Sunday, and I am curious if he will have an amazing home-cooked meal ( either from him or his wife ) to celebrate Father's Day, Let's all cheer on Evan and make plans for August 2nd - That's the finale of the show, and we will all find out if a three-course restaurant-quality meal for three esteemed judges prepared by Evan ( IF he is one of the TW improved recruits ) will win him 25 grand! For more on this story click here.



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