I'm hoping not to completely jinx all of Bismarck and Mandan with this blog, BUT so far this winter, it hasn't been awful. By that I mean, we keep waiting for Mother Nature to tell us that going outdoors for a walk is pretty much impossible. I have done a ton of walking the last month or so, and one of the cool things I have come to enjoy is seeing part of my neighborhood - the emptiness of Tom O'Leary Golf Course along Washington street. There is an obvious amount of pride that keeps our city look charming and inviting - The Bismarck Parks and Recreation District is a good example of what I just wrote.

According to KFYRTV From expansions to upgrades to more parks coming soon-- the District is working on a bunch of new projects that park-goers say they’re excited about. The pandemic has brought out more people who want to get out in the nice weather and be alone with their thoughts, and places like Pioneer park gives an opportunity for solitude out on their beautiful trails. Park directors say that they have never seen such an increase in visitors as they have since COVID-19 kicked in. “In March when this started, we had some great weather at the time and activity in the parks and the trails, etc. It was just some of the heaviest use,” said Bismarck Parks and Recreation District Executive Director Randy Bina. Plans are underway for some added parking, a brand new maintenance facility, plus the district is planning to add three new neighborhood parks. The charm and pride continue.


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