Last night's availability for bar closes in Bisman was the last ride for this company

In my opinion, there are never enough rides available for those that are willing to be smart enough to get home safe after a night of drinking. Sad to hear about this bit of developing news, a landmark of service for our community looks to have come to an end. Taxi 9000 has been around since 1960 - 62 years of taking care of those that need transportation. This was a company that was known for helping elderly residents in the Bisman and Mandan areas. To describe Taxi 9000 best, these words from their website say it all "Taxi 9000 is dedicated to quality service and serves over 10,000 customers in the Bismarck metro area" It's human nature to take things for granted until they are not around anymore.

Taxi 9000 is out of service until further notice

The news came out yesterday that Taxi 9000 would be available for one last run of bar closes in Bismarck and Mandan last night and then would be closed, starting today. According to "...that the service is waiting on a site inspection from Medicaid. Taxi 9000 said the proper forms have been submitted but until the site inspection is done, they are “dead in the water.” And they don’t know if they will be able to re-open or not" I tried several times to get ahold of someone from the company on the phone, but had no success.

Several Taxi 9000 employees had confirmed the news yesterday

Multiple Taxi 9000 employees had confirmed the news, reported. The only thing we can hope for is that they'll be out on the road picking up people soon.

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