There are many that would agree that watching golf is compared to "watching paint dry". Yes, I agree that golf can be pretty boring at times. However, if you ever get a chance to be at a golf course when there is a pro tournament underway, you will be blown away at the skills the men and women have. The effortless swing they possess will drive any recreational golfer nuts. The mere mortals of the sport sit back and wonder "why does it look so easy?"

My last sentence is very easy to dissect - PRACTICE, PRACTICE, MORE PRACTICE, AND THEN CONTINUE TO PRACTICE.   For every amazing shot we see, there are a thousand hours of practice and sheer talent behind it.

I have one more question for you, have you ever met a State champion? Well, look what we have here in Bismarck - Century High SOPHOMORE Hannah Herbel. Not just once, or twice, but this amazing lady is a three-time State Class - A Champion. THREE TIMES! Do the math now, she has a little ways to go before she even graduates. This talented Patriot is already in rare company, with her three-stroke win yesterday in Minot at the Souris Valley Golf Course, she and Jamestown's Laura Kraft ( 2005-2007 ) are the only players to have won three straight tournament medalist awards. Kraft went on to display her game with an NCAA Division One school - University of Missouri.

I love this story for several reasons, not only are we in Bismarck fortunate to have a real talent in golf, but even better, we have a true champion in the game of life. The way she treats the game, her teammates and, genuine respect for others is her greatest attribute. Bismarck Tribune clearly had the best quote from her that describes her attitude perfectly  "Just going out there, I have so much fun playing with the girls I play with, you can't help but have fun," I don't put pressure on myself. Golf is much more enjoyable when you're out there having fun. I try not to think about, 'Oh boy, this is my chance to win another one.' Really, it's just, let's go have fun."

A true young champion for sure. For more on this story click here.



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