There has been a lot of rumors, but it looks like there's is tangible evidence.

The agenda for Bismarck Planning and Zoning Comission shows Costco Wholesale has applied for a filling station permit at 57th Avenue and Brookside lane east of state street. It's another high profile business that is taking advantage of the new development in North Bismarck.

It is a process though. According to KFYR: 

William Hutchings, the city land use planner, said, “The City of Bismarck would require the approval of a site plan, and the approval and issuance of a building permit,” in order for Costco to acquire the land and begin building.

In order for a company to begin building on the land it would have to be annexed to the city.

The city is looking for public input on the Costco plan, and is holding a public hearing on Wednesday, June 26 at 5:30 p.m. at the City County Building.

See, there's proof that this might finally be happening!

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