The most refreshing thing in life to me is that some people never change. Through the hectic day-day "What's Next?", dealing with COVID-19 almost this whole year, the pressure can be enormous, but you would never know anything is wrong when Dolly Dakota comes along your path. I first met this "rock star lady" last year while working for an opposing broadcasting company. There she was large as life, at a car remote, with a smile that never left her side. She was gracious, bubbly, energetic, and downright real. I watched her relate to several people that came by in the course of two hours. I came away that afternoon wondering to myself - that sparkplug probably doesn't have a care in the world. That's what Dolly does the best - radiates positivity. No way possible would I ever have imagined that she had a bout with cancer in April of 2018 - Stage three c ovarian cancer - as Dolly explained on KFYRTV's ND TODAY show this morning "My tumor was the size of a small cantaloupe.I started all the treatments and surgery - learning words she never thought she'd learn again" 

Did Dolly give up? Did she surrender to hope? NO. About 14 months ago she was told there was no evidence of disease - which meant she and her whole family celebrated - a victory over cancer! Late this past summer though, things did not feel right - so out of experience from going through this ordeal before, she contacted her whole team of doctors, and what cancer does best, just came back again with her. Some of the key numbers have risen a bit - the tests have shown. The interview from this morning is here for you to watch. Sit back and watch courage shine over - Dolly faced the fact that she has to go through the same kind of ordeal as she did back in 2018.

I now have the fortunate opportunity to work for Townsquare Media, I see and hear when she comes into the radio station, to turn on the microphone doing what she does best - spreading positivity throughout Bismarck/Mandan on Cool 98.7. Her voice reaches so many others, who may have something unsettling going on in their life. Dolly makes an average day 100 times better - Why? Because she doesn't quit, she is honest, she tells you what she has been doing with her fight against cancer. Dolly Dakota is a personality in Bismarck/Mandan, but she is much much more - She is a role model for us all, to always keep smiling, to never give up, and to hold on to loved ones. 


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