It is not possible to imagine this when you are young and strong

I remember those days when all summer long I would be out playing with my friends from morning till fairly late at night. Everything from touch football in the streets to swimming in a neighbor's pool, the neighborhood was alive with hide and go-seek, bicycles tooling around in the cul-de-sac, and kids from all ages enjoying the "days that lasted forever" - there is no fear that simply feeling under the weather could turn out to be life-threatening.

“I thought I got food poisoning and then I had to get a heart transplant.”

Can you even comprehend that? According to 16-year-old Reese Scufsa was experiencing the effects of an enlarged heart and a blood clot late last year. The search was on for a match from a heart donor. "According to doctors, Scufsa flirted with danger since there was a blood clot in his heart as he played soccer this past fall semester. Medical professionals say it is important to get screened for heart disease and issues" reported

A heart donor was found and the ultimate gift of life was received

Enlarged hearts are not common in teenagers, and when Reese was lying in bed with a new heart, his family members were able to listen to his new heartbeat. "...Best thing ever to just watch the monitor and just see that new heart beating" said his mother Denise. Once again the "gift of life" comes from someone who is willing to be a donor, knowing full well that one day down the road a young man like Reese will be playing outside with his friends on a warm summer night.


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