The band GREAT WHITE is not new to the entertainment scene, as a matter of fact, this American group formed in Los Angeles in 1977. The world became aware of them after a horrific disaster in 2003 at a Rhode Island nightclub. A fire spread due to some pyrotechnics used by the band's crew, which ignited material in the ceiling. The violence of the flames left one hundred people dead - including their guitarist Ty Longley. The band's insurance wound up paying a million dollars to survivors and relatives of the unfortunate souls.

In 1961, Mitch Malloy was born in Dickinson, ND. A huge talent fueled by his skills at singing, writing songs, and producing, Mitch pursued his craft at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. At one point in his career, he auditioned to be the singer of a band you may have heard of - Van Halen. In 2018 GREAT WHITE picked up Mitch as their lead vocalist. The one song that GW is probably best known for is their own version of Once Bitten, Twice Shy. 

Last Thursday Mitch came home to Dickinson, along with his bandmates, to be a part of the “First on First: Dickinson Summer Nights” concert series. Of course, we all have been following closely the latest regulations on this whole coronavirus disaster. The recommendations here in North Dakota from health officials are to "wear a mask when possible", but there is no legal binding. Therefore when GREAT WHITE took the stage the other night, with a full excited crowd at hand, Spin magazine was quick to post a video showing fans packed close to the stage, with no masks. A delicate situation for sure, for all that GW wanted, was to fulfill their obligation to the promoter. An apology went out to those that felt the band should NOT have performed. This is the way of the world now, precaution, preventive, and common sense. For more on this story click here.


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