A co-worker sent me this last night and I had no idea this Hollywood actor was so versatile

You know how it is when you see an actor's name in print, but you're not sure who they are until you take a look at their picture and it's like "Oh yeah, I've seen _ _ a bunch of times in different movies etc" That's exactly what happened to me when a co-worker sent me over a post talking about John C. Reilly.

So now, where have you seen this actor before?

Here is just a few movies from a long list of some of this actor's work - John C. Reilly:

Step Brothers     Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story     Talladega Nights     Boogie Nights

   Now I see you nodding your head. Well check this out, I had no idea he is an accomplished musician as well. He has been playing in front of crowds for well over 10 years now. Now he is headed to North Dakota, here is some info on where he will be towards the end of this month -

"The talented John C. Reilly will be special guest at both shows in North Dakota next week☘️ Bassist Bob Cary, singer Heidi Gluck, violinist Tamara Bertram and guitarist John Lardinois will be performing. Plus, some bluegrass from The Waddington Brothers.
At the Performing Arts Center in Northwood, ND
At the Empire Arts Center in Grand Forks, ND
A benefit concert for Grand Forks Children’s Museum
Emceed by Terry Dullum


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