What kind of movies piques your interest?

I look for sports stories, always my favorite. One of the fascinating things about entertainment is when you actually meet someone that has been portrayed on the big screen, and usually, that is a famous sports figure who has long since been retired. Their life, which a smart Hollywood producer would find appealing, would spin a terrific two-hour motivating film. Sometimes you'll get a chance to meet your hero that you followed their whole career - what would you ask that person? I'm sure you would have a thousand questions.

Ok, so now, what would you ask an ex-spy face-face?

I know I shifted gears on you pretty quickly but I came across something this morning that I found pretty interesting. Have you ever thought about what a full-fledged spy looks like? We have all seen movies in where spies are engaged in all kinds of secretive activities - some of them trying to protect our country, others attempting destruction. In real life though, we rarely get to see what a spy looks like. According to indy100.com "Maria Comstock, who goes by @mariaisabellecomstock on the platform, has been posting videos of her father since last year in a series called “Asking a retired spy the questions we REALLY want to know.” She has been doing this now for about 2 years, and some of the conversations with her dad are downright chilling. I realize some of this is intended to be cute etc, but when you stop and think about how much a spy knows and how little WE know, it's even creepier.

"Which part of the US is most likely to get nuked?"

In one of her segments just recently, in a very relaxed manner after this question was posed to him (he used to decipher Russian messages amid the Cold War) - he answered "Minot, North Dakota"  To that, I say way, way too close to home.

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