The sports world was all aglow for the big game, but there was news out of Los Angeles that put a pit in all of our stomachs

Yes, finally the BIG GAME scheduled for today, in Los Angeles. The whole world it seemed, waited patiently through two weeks without football (wasn't the Pro Bowl last week?) - as I said, the whole world waited two weeks for today's match-up, The Los Angeles Rams against The Cincinnati Bengals. What could possibly put a damper to that? The news ironically out of the city that everyone was focused on, Los Angeles, Ex-Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson arrested and booked for felony domestic violence.

A verbal argument on a plane led to his removal

Adrian had to be removed after getting involved in a verbal argument, Ashley remained on the plane, which had to be turned around on and brought back to the gate at the Los Angeles International Airport today ( Sunday ). According to "Law enforcement sources tell us the ex-Vikings running back was arrested and booked for felony domestic violence Sunday at LAX -- this after airport police got a call at about 8:30 AM over a disturbance on an aircraft leaving LAX and attempting to take off en route to Houston"

A preliminary investigation ended with Peterson taken to jail reported that "and after making required notifications to the FBI -- our sources say Peterson was taken into custody ... as the alleged victim was seen to have sustained a small mark from whatever happened" Adrian Peterson has had some history pertaining to violence, back in 2014 he pleaded "He pleaded no contest to a charge that he abused his 4-year-old son in 2014"


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