If Nelly writes a sequel song to his hit 'Ride Wit Me' will he sing "Must be the alcohol?"

Just one week after Kid Rock's shocking disappointment at the North Dakota State Fair, disaster almost struck again. Regardless of who made the official "Let's cancel this show" decision a week ago last Friday, NDSF was reeling from the bad press already after dealing with 18,000 plus concert-goers' reactions when they heard the sudden announcement that the Kid Rock concert was canceled (due to fear of weather turning worse ). TMZ took great joy in doing what they do best, blowing things way out of proportion - the rest of the country was convinced Minot had experienced some kind of monstrous riot. Watching several videos from those that were in the crowd, there were some that were out of control - throwing cups of beer onto the stage, foul language being shouted out everywhere, and emotions definitely were tested. Nothing close to anything out of control though.

Fast forward to last Friday ( where the weather complied )

The entertainer Nelly was scheduled to hit the grandstands last Friday in much better weather conditions than Kid Rock faced. The mood was festive, lively, and ready to enjoy a premiere act and embrace the start of a weekend. There was absolutely no threat to his show being interrupted until the alcohol kicked in. Not with Nelly, but with so many in the crowd. Most people know by experience that booze affects others. Their temperament, judgment and inspires idiots that can ruin a perfectly good night. Several Facebook posts had come in after his show saying that Nelly had to stop what he was doing to address the crowd, even threatening that he would leave if the cups and other nonsense were still being thrown on the stage. Not all that were there trying to enjoy the show were intoxicated, but surely a lot of people were. So what would happen if NDSF decided next year NOT to sell alcohol, would they still be able to attract the masses? I say "Yes" - Many had expressed disappointment in those that were not representing North Dakota as how we really are and are fearful that in the near future high profile talented artists may decide to bypass entertaining out here. I believe that people can drink and have a good time without causing havoc for others, however, I also believe that this is an issue that will not be overlooked.


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