Somewhere in the bible, I believe it's on page 1,236, it say's "whether thy in the manger or thou art on thy horse, always ye must listen to Bismarck/Mandan's Classic Rock 965 The Fox". Now if that's not a good enough reason WHY we have the best radio station around, let us move on to some other factors in a second. The Bismarck Tribune's "Best of the Best." is now at your hands, and when you get to the "best radio station" part, let's explore our strengths, If I can be so bold:

**** OUR FREE 965 THE FOX APP - The free part is quite catchy, isn't it? With this gem, you can listen to us LIVE anywhere you are at ( even in the church which God approves of ). You can WIN great prizes with our APP in our traditional 4 O'Clock APPetizer feature.

**** BIKE NIGHT 2020 - Need I say more? Ok, I surely will, ALL Summer long,  every WEDNESDAY 5 pm - 9 pm at Sickie Garage. Delicious food, adult beverages, and cool prizes to WIN. There is a reason WHY BIKE NIGHT 2020��is a first-class event - our community comes together for friendship and camaraderie.

**** YOU WILL FIND US EVERYWHERE IN THE BISMARCK/MANDAN COMMUNITY -  We were proudly out showing our support for hospital workers in our CARAVAN OF CARING. If you were with us on those two events, you know the wonderful feeling we all felt waving to our local heroes.

**** THE BEST CLASSIC ROCK ON THIS PLANET - Led Zeppelin, Boston, Van Halen, Tom Petty, Heart, Aerosmith and so many other bands that will have you on your air-guitar all day!

**** EYE CANDY -  Bromo ( of course )

**** PEPTO-BISMAL - We have some for you in case that last category upset your stomach.

So if you get a chance, you can  Vote for 965 The Fox for Bismarck Tribune's "Best of the Best" here.


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