So this weekend begins on 4/20 a day that some may say celebrate a day of cannabis. If you decide you would like to celebrate this weekend and you would like to make some treats here are some recipes:  Sometimes it's a lot easier when you eat rather than smoke if that's the sort of thing you do. Here are some suggestions you might want to check out:

  • Cannabis caramel sauce.  Let's say you're eating your Ben and Jerrys with your GF and instead of chocolate syrup, you put this on ... Ha! Ben and Jerry would be proud of you! Here's the recipe from
  • Cannabis Chocolate chip cookies....  a tasty treat with milk that will make you happy all day long ... and probably all night. Ha! give a couple to your annoying cousin and watch what happens! Recipe here from original weed recipes.
  • Summer's coming so what better way to feel cool and mellow at the same time than with weed popsicles! How great would it be sitting on the porch, watching the storm roll in and feel like you're flying away ... Here's the recipe for original weed recipes.

Hopefully, these were helpful! Also, Did I mention we are doing a Pink Floyd weekend Called the Oil and water weekend?  Well, I did now, have fun and I would say be safe but you're not gonna leave the couch man .. I know :)

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