It's no secret I am a cat person, I have two as a matter of fact. There is ONE hidden secret however that I am completely left out of - What in the heck do my cats do all day long when I am at work? I can make a wild guess and say they are sleeping about 90% of the time I am away from THEIR apartment. What about you? Are you intrigued by what goes on when they are alone? Of course, if you are more than curious, you can buy one of those stupid cat cams, and try and spy on them. The keyword there is TRY - once they figure out what you are up to, they'll just hack a fir ball on the camera lens.

A friend of mine has just one feline. She actually worries about her cat getting lonely when left alone all day. I'm pretty sure she is going to be thrilled when she hears about this - there is a robot out there that was made specifically to chase away any possible boredom your cat may have. According to  The Ebo by Enabot interacts with cats via autonomous movements, which include rolling and dancing, or cat owners can take control of the robot through an app on their phone, and play with their pet whether they are at home, sitting at the office, or away on a trip.

If you are goofy enough to think this "Ebo" character will enlighten your cat's life, it will cost you about $249 bucks. I just want to know ONE thing, can you command it to clean your cat box after it's been destroyed? If so, put me down for a whole army of Ebo's. For more on this story click here.




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