"...holding Your Breath Watching Cars Just Barreling Through"

Those were the exact words I heard on the phone from a fellow employee the other day. He called me to see if I had ever experienced this myself. He gave me the correct coordinates and I took off in one of our company vehicles. From the way he described it, a "Heart Attack Intersection", I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to come across. This is what he texted me:

"This intersection is about a mile south of Bismarck Expressway on Washington. It's a  brand-new four-way stop. And people are blowing through it"

"Heart Attack Intersection"

I rolled up at this intersection and parked across the street next to ON the RUN Car Wash. So THIS is the main reason why this brand new stop sign was placed, obviously designed to slow down traffic to a STOP in both directions. From what I have heard from a few people who travel this road almost every single day, the reviews are not very favorable.

Bill Schmid
Bill Schmid

"People are just blowing through the intersection...

...I've held my breath many times in the twenty minutes I've been sitting here" Okay in defense of the signs that are there, they are clearly visible - but I can also see why those that have been "down this road for years" ( usually on auto-pilot ) can have their foot still on the gas here, rather than the brakes. Like anything fairly brand new, it will only be a matter of time before drivers brace themselves for a new way of travel right at this intersection. A good rule of thumb I guess, is when you see the ON the RUN sign just ahead, have your foot ready for ON the BRAKES. 

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