With any type of partying that happens over a night and a weekend there has to be some collateral damage/hangovers that go along with it. In this blog we tell you a couple of ways to cure it.

As the years go by and beer and liquor changes (gets stronger ) the old ways of avoiding hangover's have changed too. Some companies do hangover cure drinks but they really don't work for everybody. I've found in my beer travels that obviously hydration is one of the biggest ways to kill a hangover because hangovers are indeed a body's byproduct of dehydration. Here's some products that have worked for me in the past:

  • Coconut water: This helps, it's low in calories and it hydrates faster than plain water and has more electrolytes than your average sports drink. Here's more about Coconut water on WEBMD.  You can pick up some versions of this product at Dan's , Bis-man Community food co-op, and Places like Terrie's Health products.
  • Kombucha: The Fermented tea has come a long way to the point of having new flavors being added and being mass marketed.  It's a tea that has live probiotic protein cultures in it and is great for recovery, digestion, increased metabolism and overall liver health when prepared properly.

Here's more about Kombucha from Web MDBis-man Community food co-op, and Places like Terrie's Health products all carry this product. There's even a business owner in town that brews it on MYNDNOW.

These two would get you started, If I were you though, I would only drink 8oz of the Kombucha when you first try it for it really is pretty potent, but once your'e up to speed you're golden!

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