My friend told me about this last weekend, Florida opened their beaches, Oh for a limited time you say? You mean like 12:23 am to 12:24 am...Right? NO. Jacksonville went ahead and got impatient I guess, thumbing their noses to the STILL rising coronavirus death count. The reports of hundreds of NEW cases, each day in Florida, isn't some kind of false information - it's DEADLY accurate. The part that mystifies me so much, is that people will assume without checking what's really going on, that everything is ok to venture out and about. Especially on a damn beach.

Daniel Uhlfelde has stepped up his game, from a Florida lawyer to a public reminder of our present times - He now shuffles across the sandy shores as "The Grim Reaper". He sets up shop on a elevated chair - and the reason why? It's obvious, he's letting all the suntan seekers get a good view of what they should be concentrating on, how to avoid being a casualty. Read more on this, and check out the pictures yourself.

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