I realize this isn't just a blanket question...

...so let me break it down for you, there have been studies made on how LONG or SHORT response times are for ERs ( Emergency Rooms ) in hospitals. Before I begin to give you some results of their findings ( High Rise Financial ) - now you would think that the population size of States involved in these studies would factor in, right? Not necessarily. What would you guess how much time a North Dakotan's average wait is at the ER? It might surprise you.

If you ever find yourself in the Emergency Room, no matter where you are, it seems like forever until you are seeing a doctor

That rings true whether you are in a big city or not. According to High Rise Financial "A recent study has brought to light the states with the slowest emergency department response times in the country with North Dakota showcasing exceptional efficiency. The study by pre-settlement legal funding company High Rise Financial analyzed the latest available data from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to discover the median time patients spent in the emergency department before leaving from the visit in each state, with lower times indicating a more efficient and effective emergency care process"   Here is what they found...

North Dakota has the shortest ER wait times in the nation

  • In North Dakota, patients spend an average of just 107 minutes in the emergency department. On the other side of that, Maryland leads with the highest average ER wait time of 247 minutes before patient departure ( That is over 4 HOURS of sitting around ) 

So try and stay PATIENT next time you find yourself at the ER...and be grateful you live in ND, and not Maryland.

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