Another storm came and went

It sure did. People keep telling me that "Winter officially hasn't begun yet" - Thanks, that's comforting. The last two blizzards that have hit us brought a huge response from people commenting on the Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook Group page - feelings of frustration, so many STUCK, grounded, literally held hostage inside our own homes. I came across one such individual that made it known just how appreciative he was - and I have to tell you that I mirror his sentiments one trillion percent: This is part of what Eric Basnet posted last month:

"I think it's easy to get upset about the amount of time that it took the crews to get around to everyone but it is what it is. It was a big snowfall that just took a little more time than we're used to get it all done. There's nothing those guys could have probably done differently to speed it up but the fact that they stuck to it and got it done is more than enough for me to be grateful for!..." Take a look at the cover picture - just one of many amazing people doing their job.

I'm glad to see less anger

In the last two months, I've noticed more people are understanding just what a tremendous workload and stress these storms cause. I can see with my own two eyes the plows that have circled around neighborhoods near me, I can hear them out late at night doing the best they can. You can't argue with what Eric said "Not all heroes wear capes, but this weekend many drove in yellow. Thank you to all the city employees who worked so hard to dig us all out!"  I couldn't agree more, I mean, after all, we are all in this together.


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