Welcome to THE scariest month of the year

My favorite time of year by the way - we are done with the summer heat, and no snow as of yet ( knock on wood ) - so NOW it's time to start focusing on the real scary events coming to Bismarck this month. Today is October 1st, and we are suppossed to see weather in the mid-80s. By next Sunday the temps will drop almost 30 degress, NO this isn't the scary part - it's typical North Dakota as we all know it, and weather can be frightening in a blink of an eye. For 31 days Bismarck and Mandan will try to out-spook others in events - one of them though is my favorite.

So what is the immediate goal of a haunted house?

Well that is pretty obvious, to scare the heck out of you. For some reason so many people enjoy the thrill and anticipation of entering a local haunted house, where it's usually dark, spooky music and sound effects playing, and actors in ghoulish costumes jumping out of the shadows to attempt to make you scream. All of these places are safe, and the creepy creatures are not allowed to touch you. There is one place in Bismarck that is different, it's good CLEAN fun!

Get ready to shake and tremble in your car...

Tommy's Express
Tommy's Express

I saw this posted last week on Tommy's Express Car Wash Facebook Page: 

Talk about your 5-7 minutes of good CLEAN scary fun. Be patient, it's coming!

Tommy's Express Car Wash

18 N 12th St.    

Can't wait!


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