Ok, I will confess...the first thought that popped into my head was "I sure wish I was young again"

Come on now, how many of us older folks feel that way - probably around 99.9%. Our thoughts rewind to the old days when good old-fashioned swings and slides and a whole lot of sand were a typical playground of fun. Looking at this cool picture that the Missouri Valley Family YMCA Facebook posted has me asking one simple question. "Can I play too?"

"...Slides, ladders, lookouts, tunnels..."

Parents and kids throughout Bismarck and Mandan, get ready to have a blast! Check out this beautiful fantasy land of fun. Here is what the Missouri Valley Family YMCA posted earlier today:

"We are almost ready to welcome our members into our beautiful brand-new indoor Family Play Center! Our "Jungle Gym" is designed for children 10 & under and includes slides, ladders, lookouts, tunnels, a toddler area & much more. Coming soon to your YMCA as an added value & more variety for our members!" #learnandgrowfamilyplaycenter #thejunglegym #bismarcky

This is an amazing display of hard work and love designed by some true "Kids at heart".

The word is that all the fun begins this coming Monday( February 5th ) - This is when it opens to all members, who by the way will have FREE Access to this. Get ready for the sounds of children, boys, and girls, having the time of their lives exploring every creative adventure that awaits them. I speak for all the adults once again, "Can I play too?"

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