Years and years ago, back in 1995, in San Diego, a man high on drugs walked into an armory and stole a TANK

Not like a fish tank or anything like that, but an actual 56.4-long-ton; 63.2-short-ton military tank - here is some video of it, so you don't think I made this up.

Matthew Cipolla YouTube

Obviously this little joyride from a nutball made international news. If you were in that neighborhood, no doubt the shock of seeing something that large, moving fairly quickly would be without a doubt surreal. I only thought of this incident because of something almost as bizarre as that fateful day.

Someone or a group of people ripped off this HUGE machine

Hey look, keep your eyes open for a CAT 924H front-end loader - check your neighbor's garage, see if it shows up at Dan's Supermarket - heck someone could pretty much park this bad boy anywhere and not worry about some clumsy idiot banging your door when they get out of their car.  Here is part of what Butler Machinery Company posted on its Facebook page yesterday ( Tuesday, May 16th ) :

❗❗ "Help us find the North Dakota Department of Transportation's stolen CAT 924H front-end loader, unit #745.
The machine was stolen from the NDDOT complex in Halliday, ND. The CAT 924H front-end loader was last seen on Friday, May 12th.
If you have any information please contact Detective Casey Brosten at (701) 690- 2767"
Butler Machinery Company Facebook
Butler Machinery Company Facebook

 So, here is your perfect opportunity to "Fess Up"

I'm sure if you bring this little guy back, everything would be ok, don't you think?


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