For many Bismarck/Mandan residents who are trying to take advantage of sunny, comfortable temps as long as possible, the last thing on your mind is winter

So I get it, play golf as much as you can before Mother Nature takes over and shuts your game down for months. In your eyes, what's the first sign that winter is almost here? The days seem to be getting shorter, as it's getting dark earlier...that's one sure sign. How about the arrival of Halloween candy in stores all around? Does that make you think of winter? I have my own sure-fire sign that convinces me of colder weather is just inches away now...Igloos....wait what?

You heard me, just ask the Paddle Trap restaurant here in Mandan

You may have forgotten about the genius move the Paddle Trap restaurant tried out last December - This is part of what their Facebook page posted of their experiment "Thank you to everyone that came out for the first weekend in our igloos!..." Yes at first it was hard to imagine dining outside in frigid temperatures, but their three igloos captured the attention of so many people, especially Christain Clausnitzer, who dropped down to his knees and proposed to his girlfriend.

Make sure you plan ahead on this so you won't be left out in the cold ( literally )

Here is what the Paddle Trap posted not long ago, much to the delight of satisfying customers - "Update! Igloos will be up and running Nov first and we will be taking reservations but our reservation system isn’t up yet! Our online reservation system will be up and running very soon and I’ll post a link soon. Thank you, everyone, we can’t wait!" This is something you need to experience yourself, without a doubt!

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