Hard to believe, but before you know it spring training will be here...

...so let's take a couple of minutes and visit all the Major League Players who were born in North Dakota. What would your guess be on how many players were born in North Dakota? First though, let me give you this amazing statistic, according to baseball-almanac.com  "Did you know that through today (November 26, 2023) in baseball history, and since 1876 (first year of the National League), there have been a total of 20,533 Major League ballplayers?" So once again I ask you, how many players in the history of Major League Baseball were born in North Dakota?

Obviously, THE most famous baseball player that comes to mind when you think of North Dakota is Roger Maris

The man who is remembered the most for chasing Babe Ruth's single-season home run record of 60 - Roger Maris grew up and went to high school in Fargo, be he was BORN in Hibbing, Minnesota. Getting back to my first question, if you guessed around 100, you would be way over. Then what about 50? Here are the 20 North Dakotans that have made it to the show:

Major League Baseball Players Born in North Dakota

A Historical Analysis / Return To Players by Birthplace

Frank BrosseauDrayton, North Dakota1944-07-3119691971
Chris CosteFargo, North Dakota1973-02-0420062009
Darin ErstadJamestown, North Dakota1974-06-0419962009
Jay FlaaBismarck, North Dakota1992-06-102021Active
Travis HafnerJamestown, North Dakota1977-06-0320022013
Truck HannahLarimore, North Dakota1889-06-0519181920
Red HardyMarmarth, North Dakota1923-01-0619511951
Rick HellingDevils Lake, North Dakota1970-12-1519942006
Ken HuntGrand Forks, North Dakota1934-07-1319591964
Tim JohnsonGrand Forks, North Dakota1949-07-2219731979
Mark LeeWilliston, North Dakota1964-07-2019881995
Lynn NelsonSheldon, North Dakota1905-02-2419301940
Tim OlsonGrand Forks, North Dakota1978-08-0120042005
Sid PetersonHavelock, North Dakota1918-01-3119431943
Seth RosinFargo, North Dakota1988-11-0220142015
Gary SerumFargo, North Dakota1956-10-2419771979
Matt StrahmWest Fargo, North Dakota1991-11-122016Active
Floyd StrommeCooperstown, North Dakota1916-08-0119391939
Erik SwansonFargo, North Dakota1993-09-042019Active
Andrew YoungWest Fargo, North Dakota1994-05-102020Active

Recognize any of these players?


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