So Day 2 of the NFL draft has ended and the players have been picked. Interested to wonder what Carson Wentz was thinking throughout all of this.

In 2016 The Philidelphia Eagles made a Franchise changing decision to draft Carson Wentz with the #2 pick . and what a decision that was for both parties.  First For Carson who probably breathed a sigh of relief that he wasn't going to the Browns and the Eagles who get a 5 tool player at QB in the first round.

Fast forward to 2018 and a Lombardi trophy later, Carson is probably sitting in his lazy boy watching the draft with a different perspective. Here's my perspective on the play by play as things unfolded on Friday.

With the 1st pick of the draft, the Browns Pick  Johnny Manzel 2.0 I mean BakerMayfield.

Carson: Ouch .. hopefully, he could make it work over there man.

With the 3rd Pick, the Jets Pick Sam Darnold.

Carson: Ok ... This might be interesting... do we play the Jets this year? I'd like to show this kid some things if we do.

The Eagles Jump the Cowboys and get Dallas Goedert at pick 51.

Carson: ( Almost falling off the lazy boy) Now that's what I'm talking about Johnny !!!!!  is this Knee ready yet??? I suddenly have the urge to throw some TD passes.

While the Opinions in this post are not that of Carson Wentz but of the Writer, it is curious to think if we were in the ballpark.


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