Getting on a sandbar in the Missouri river during the summer is a pretty awesome thing, especially if you have a Pontoon boat and a cooler of beer but is there a posse that goes from sand bar to sandbar as an ongoing party ? 

I'm told once summer hits, the river is rocking ! Getting on a sandbar means you're gonna have a good time and much like Lake Havasu in Arizona, its a summer long party.

Is there a Sandbar society and is it well known ? Is there a group of animals that take advantage of the weather and the tide to constantly have something going on ? Is there sand bar hopping ?

I can see it now, hanging out at a bonfire on a Sandbar and the rest of the group is like, hey there's an after hours under the bridge and you have to give a password to get in. Are there sand bar hipsters ? Curious.

If you like groups  and organizations, here are some that you can join in Bismarck -Mandan.



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