The Vikings have hired Kevin Stefanski as their Offensive coordinator.

He sat in after John DeFilippo was let go, and was a finalist for the Browns job. After being notified that he didn't get the gig, he was named an official offensive coordinator for his original team.

The move didn't come without controversy though.  Stefansky was originally blocked by Zimmer to follow Pat Shurmer to the Giants a year ago but did not promote him. Instead went out and hired John Defilippo. We all saw how that turned out.

Coach Mike Zimmer started off the press conference pretty bluntly:

“Should I start on my pet peeve stuff now?” he said. “I get criticized for blocking guys and stuff like that, but loyalty, to me, is a big thing, right? So I come in here four years ago and the offense is 29, 27th, 26th. But I keep them. So the first time our offense is pretty good, then I’m supposed to let all my coaches leave? I don’t think that’s right. If I’m going to be loyal to them and not fire them after they don’t have good years, then I don’t think they should not be loyal to me.”

Hopefully, Mike realizes that this is the NFL and not some normal American job. When you block people, it doesn't look good for your program.  Luckily everything turned out ok in the end.

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