The coronavirus remains the obvious leading news story, almost anywhere on earth. The best advice I have heard, is to try and stay calm, and not overreact. I admit that's hard to do sometimes, when there are so many reports that are just not true. When you think about it, less than two weeks ago, we were all going about our normal daily lives. There were major sporting events scheduled, people were planning to travel etc. Then everything changed, in what seemed like overnight.

Corona rolled in and took over. Suddenly our normal routines, that we took for granted, has changed. Emergency measures to somehow derail the deadly virus are underway. The effects are enormous-businesses have closed, and the scary thing is economists are predicting a demoralizing recession.

The crazy thing is, that some people tend to hear things, and believe things that just aren't true. That is why, we all need to just take a breather, try and absorb all of this, and stay CALM. Check out what's happening around our country-click here.

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