Now that medicinal is about to be rolled out, recreational is about to come up to bat. 

This is something that lawmakers felt they needed to do before they rolled out the medicinal marijuana laws. They can now say that they will do it for recreational. It is an overall study on how recreational will affect the state and of course how it will be regulated against children participating.

After looking at some studies from Colorado, they noticed that hospitals had 5% fewer people with chronic pain but also had 5% more people with alcohol and drug overdoses.  That's a pretty interesting statistic judging by the stereotype of cannabis as a gateway drug.

According to KX.NET:

Law enforcement, workers compensation, taxation, North Dakota’s youth: these are all factors that Senator Klein says could be affected by legalization.

He adds, “We’ve been battling behavioral health issues in the state. We’ve been battling addiction issues. Will this add another addiction issue to our state problem?”

The Process has begun we'll see how long it takes.

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