It sure is a pretty comforting feeling to see and hear about life's traditions slowly coming back. Last year robbed us of almost everything - COVID-19 closed down businesses for good, put a vice-grip on our freedom, forcing so many people to quarantine at home. Professional sports took a hit, our beloved local high school teams were put on a temporary bench. One of the greatest events known to mankind is scheduled to blossom once again.

According to KFYRTV, The Miss North Dakota Organization has announced the return of its competition this summer as planned and in person. It is impossible to calculate how many young ladies have dreamed about representing our State and standing tall in pride. Last year all the hopeful contestants were disappointed with the postponed event, the pandemic of course the main reason. The current Miss North Dakota Haley Wolfe has had the crown for two years. "I look back at it, and there’s pure shock on my face, I definitely wasn’t expecting this at all. By some miracle, I got a phone call asking if we wanted to extend my year into 2020,”

A brand new year and a four-day run will happen - June 9th through the 12th at Bakken Auditorium in Williston - Miss North Dakota 2021 competition. After having experienced such a challenging COVID-19 year, there will be some changes including rapid COVID testing three times during the week for contestants and volunteers, and a strong recommendation for mask-wearing in the audience. The butterflies will be with the excited young women, who will do their best in hopes of winning the prestigious title.


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