A routine Sunday afternoon in Mandan turns terrifying in seconds

Have you ever found yourself living life, going through the motions of a normal day when suddenly it seems your whole world is caving in? That's exactly what Leisha Hulm from Mandan experienced yesterday. Her boyfriend Alex was out in the driveway changing the oil when the unexpected happened. This is when what was hoping to be an effective little scissor jack folded causing his arm and chest to be pinned under the car.

Can you imagine the horror of seeing a loved one in pain and crushed by a vehicle?

"...we had 2 friends over at the time that were trying to lift it up and I was so panicked banging on doors trying to find help... 1 neighbor heard the screams and was there instantly, the second was already coming out the door before I could even fully explain what was happening to help lift the car until the next neighbor's door I knocked on had a jack to lift it off"

Once again a NORMAL day in Mandan became a race for time and to save a life for heroes who got involved. Leisha needed immediate attention to this situation, a call to the police for help may have taken too long. She estimates the whole ordeal took her and five others between 10 and 15 minutes. Leisha said in her post on the Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook Group page "...I Cannot express my gratitude or explain how much their help was appreciated...We are forever grateful :')
We are still in the ER but going home soon.. see a specialist tomorrow about surgery maybe"

"Lost wouldn't even come close to describing anything about it..."

That was part of what Leisha messaged me this morning when I asked her what was going on in her head yesterday. "...desperately screaming through agonizing pain for his life..It was the worst thing I've ever heard... and unbelievably thankful that it wasn't the last thing I would have heard from him..."  What happened on a lazy hot Sunday could have ended with a fatality if it weren't for the actions of Nick Sellie, Austin Kanwischer, Johnathan Gohl, Cody Denham, and one other hero. Another textbook example of North Dakotans watching and protecting one another.



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It was the worst thing I've ever heard... and unbelievably thankful that it wasn't the last thing I would have heard from him...

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