Vern Huber of Mandan was one of 35 names added this weekend. 

The Former Pow endured 16 months of torture in the Korean War before getting rescued and brought home.

Virgil Horst, member of the Vietnam Vets Legacy Motorcycle club mentioned that all the names he had were the basis of building the memorial and the reason there weren't more was due to a 1973 fire in the National Personnel records site in St Louis.  Ever since he and his organization were looking for more names to add as they found them.

Vern Huber, one of the lucky ones that made it back had an interesting perspective:

He said  his POW experience made him more cognizant of what can happen in life and how bad it can be, said honoring prisoners of war, as well as veterans, is “certainly due.”

He says he’s happy to see the POW/MIA flag flying in front of the state Capitol, after Gov. Doug Burgum recently signed a bill that requires the flag be displayed daily at the south entrance.

“What’s being done now is due and the guys doing it are just doing a fabulous job,” he said. “They do so much.


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