"Man's Best Friend" - We have heard that saying since the beginning of time. Our four legged warrior, our companion, and now our provider. I'm of course talking about dogs. Cats have a bad rap of being selfish, lazy, and just flat out inconsiderate. Most dogs are centered around their owner, wagging their tails a million times a minute, eager to please. The war between cats and dogs is quite simple, territorial battle grounds. Many stories in the past have been shared, about service dogs/police dogs, any kind of dogs with training, saving lives etc. I have not heard yet, any TAILS of a courageous feline ending up a hero.

To add more evidence to my first paragraph, there is a crafty chihuahua that is keeping his master alive ( kind of ). We are aware of the coronavirus by now, and we are all trying to do our part, in self isolating. A genius man in Mexico has trained Chokis into a perfect master delivery mutt, equipped with a pack-inside a note and the exact change, in hopes of his dog traveling to the store and back successfully. The man would receive his Cheetos, and any possible change that was left over. Well the hound is three for three in the store run attempts. A perfect score. Congratulations for your ingenuity young man, and for doing your part by staying home. Check out the story.



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