One of the staple events in Bismarck is the Sam McQuade Senior Budweiser Charity Softball Tournament. Last year due to COVID-19, the event was canceled, so it was with great joy by all when the tradition continued last June

46th Annual softball tournament known throughout the country.

When the first pitch was delivered to one of the 400 plus teams that were entered in the 46th Annual Charity Softball tournament, there was a sense of normalcy that came back to our community. According to KX NET back in June, Sheri Grossman, the CEO of the Bismarck-Mandan CVB broke it down like this “The visitors that will come here for it will spend about $2 million while they’re here in our community, so it really has a significant impact" - she went on to say just how much of an impact BisMan will see even months later from this event. A boost in the arm for our economy.

Grateful to have participated and been involved with helping others

I remember living in Minot two years ago and hearing the excitement of several local teams looking forward to the tournament - competing, and just being able to do what they could to help out with charity.

Everyone playing a role in raising money

Two nights ago McQuade had their ’46th annual benefit banquet - KFYR TV reported that Shannon McQuade-Ely, president of McQuade announced that "This year they raised $180,000 to give back to local charities, completely surpassing their last tournament’s charity amount"

A wonderful tradition that continued

Just like everything else, we are slowly regaining back events that were robbed of us last year. This past June was an awesome reward for everyone - to be able to play softball again, as a team, outdoors, and raise money for local groups and organizations.


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