It's no secret that there is tension in our country right now. The storming of the United States Capitol back on the 6th of this month was a shocking incident that brought violence from a mob of supporters of President Donald Trump. Five people, including a Capitol Police officer, died from the events that saw dozens of others left injured. Tomorrow (January 20th) is Inauguration Day, and there are now approximately 25,000 National Guard troops on the ground in Washington, DC. - protests are expected in other cities around the country. Extra precautionary measures and inspections have been taking place, looking for anything that's out of the ordinary. Therefore I'm sure that military bases all around the country have been stepping up their procedures and safety measures, which is what happened just recently close to us. According to KFYR TV - last Saturday, In Minot, at the Minot Air Force Base  “unauthorized items” were found at a dorm and an undisclosed number of airmen were apprehended.

The base released a statement to which said it was an “unannounced health and welfare dorm inspection,” but the inspections occur periodically “to ensure the security, military fitness, and good order and discipline of the command.”  The Base public affairs were not at liberty to release any names or how many airmen were apprehended. Those that were held, were reported to have been released back to the chain-of-command for appropriate disposition. There were also no reports that the incident had anything to do with tomorrow's Inauguration in Washington, DC.


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