There I was last night, waiting all weekend, check that, all week for Super Bowl Sunday - like the whole nation, our eyes were glued to the television set with anticipation of football, commercials, and of course the halftime show. CBS announcers were primed and pumped full of hype and energy, talking about both team's chances. The stage was set.

I'm quite confident that I was NOT the only one, that was waiting for one shining moment - a symbol of strength, power, and beauty. The first bomber trio flyover for a big game and this was THE biggest game! Air Force Global Strike Command provided one each of their bombers—a B-52 (Minot Air Force Base)  a B-1, and a B-2. The theme for this year's event was our nation coming together as one, having experienced a deadly virus, and political unrest, the videos, and messages came across quite clear - our country has been through so much. The pre-Super Bowl rituals began - H.E.R performed "America the Beautiful", then Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church gave us the National Anthem....then this:

Talk about having your breath taken away. Did you feel the chills? Did you feel the pride? According to they did their homework perfectly, with a photographer capturing the stunning shots - A 69-year old nuclear bomber, one 47-year old nuclear bomber, and one 32-year old stealth bomber majestically swept in and sent a silent message to all of us. Teamwork, unity, coordination, attitude, and good old fashioned pride.

The game came and went after that moment - the REAL winner was flying back home to Minot Air Force Base.


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