An announcement was made earlier today - directly from Burleigh County Emergency Management -When I first heard about this, I just assumed it was because the summer is coming to an end, I was wrong.

Once again the drought causing early removal

According to a press release, it focused on the decreasing releases from the Garrison Dam "..due to continued, widespread drought conditions in the upper Midwest". This info was put out to the public to prevent you from not being able to retrieve your boat before it's too late.

The US Army Corps of Engineers

"Stakeholders using the Missouri River in the Bismarck-Mandan area need to be aware of the releases which is likely to make boat ramps and river access unusable" The media release mentioned that the US Army Corps of Engineers will be releasing decreasing releases - and they have a schedule posted on just how they will cut back in this month of September:

21,000 cfs (current daily average release)

• 18,000 cfs (September 12th)

• 16,000 cfs (September 16th)

• 13,000 cfs (TBD in September)

This applies to anyone with a boat or any kind of recreational vehicle

Probably a good idea to make plans to remove anything you might have out there as soon as you get some free time - otherwise, you face the reality of having anything you have out there becoming stranded. Click here to get a weekly update on the Mainstream Reservoir Status. Winter is not here yet, but the drought seems to be putting a damper on leaving your boat docked at the river.


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