Sadly another familiar bar -restaurant-establishment is closing its doors for good

I have lived in several cities in North Dakota, and in each one, I have gone into a JL Beers. Minot, Fargo, and Bismarck have one, and so does Minnesota - The last one sadly closed their doors for good  - Here is what the JL Beers posted on their Facebook last month:

"To all our friends that we’ve made over the past 11 years in Moorhead –
We greatly appreciate you and the support you’ve shown to us at our Highway 10 location, it’s truly been a joy to serve you!
Countless memories have been made and many milestones were celebrated together during this time.
Unfortunately, due to the ongoing labor shortages in our area, we’ve made the difficult decision to close our Moorhead location.
Our final day will be this Sunday, November 20th from 4pm-10pm.
Please come grab a beer and a burger with us during these final days, we look forward to seeing you all one last time!
After Sunday, you can still get your fix at our 3 other metro locations:
Downtown Fargo: 518 1st Ave. N.
South Fargo: 4240 32nd Ave. S.
West Fargo: 810 13th Ave. E.

It's understandable to be a little concerned about OUR JL Beers here in Bismarck

I actually heard a couple of people this morning talking, "I hope this doesn't affect OUR JL Beers here in Bismarck" - It's easy for some to find themselves a little concerned, for not long ago a chain restaurant in Fargo shut down, then shortly after Bismarck's closed for good shortly after. Maybe this will put your mind at ease, I  called the JL Beers at 217 N 3rd Street last week, AND with a hitch to her step ( yes I could tell by her voice over the phone ) a delightful young lady said "...Not US, we're always busy...."  - That's exactly what I wanted to hear! SO Let's keep it that way, We can do our part, and that's for every other restaurant, and local business as well - I understand people ordering food for delivery OR shopping for presents online, but if you can, try and get out and support Bismarck and Mandan.

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