If you live in Morton County and are having mosquito problems, help is on the way.

The Morton County NDSU extension service is offering larvicide briquettes for purchase at the extension office.

Each briquette treats 100 square feet of water with no current and lasts the entire mosquito season. Each briquette costs $4 which is a bargain if you consider what it would cost to go to Home Depot to get them.

Mosquitoes have been a huge problem this year due to the rainfall and most importantly the Missouri River rising. It isn't too late though to get the briquettes going for the second half of the summer because of the water issue, we'll probably be seeing mosquitoes till October.

The best way to use the briquettes is to put it in mosquito breeding areas (standing water) they float and release active material that larvae feed on and eventually die from. It actually makes them stop eating and they starve to death.

I would feel bad for them but this bite on my neck itches so bad ... Screw them!


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